Mohair Bear Making Fabrics

25mm ratinee mohair - Orange Crisp Tipped

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Colour :         Orange Crisp Tipped
Pile fibre :     100% Mohair
Pile length:   25 mm
Style :            Ratinee
Origin :          Helmbold, Germany

Sizes :  Our mohair is cut to take advantage of the lay of the pile. This avoids wastage and inconsistent pile direction on the finished bear. Most bear patterns are designed to take advantage of this cut. Approximate dimensions are as follows -

  • 1/8 (fat eighth) is 50cm x 35cm
  • 1/4 (fat quarter) is 50cm x 70cm
  • 1/2 (fat half) is 100cm x 70cm
  • 1 metre piece is 100cm x 140cm wide
Pile Length 22-52mm
Finish Ratinee
Colour Pink-Orange-Yellow
Composition Mohair
Producer Helmbold
Price per metre £70 - £95