Aramid Fibre Recycling

     Peacock Fibres have been processing industrial fibres and developing innovative applications for waste streams for over 40 years.
​​​​​​​     Our processing capabilties encompass sorting, scouring, precision cutting, chopping, blending, opening and carding.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

     The bulk of our aramid fibre output provides raw material for automotive friction products such as clutch facings and brake pads.
     Other uses include thermal insulation and the manufacture of needlefelt for heat and flame retardant protective clothing.

​​​​​​​     We buy material for reprocessing from the following waste streams:

                                             •  Garment manufacturers' cutting room waste
                                             •  ​​​​​​​Ropewaste, tyrecord and aramid hose waste,
                                             •  Umbilical cable decommissioning waste
                                             •  Ballistic armour cutting room waste
                                             •  Scrap body armour / ballistic panels for decommissioning
                                             •  Redundant yarn and fabric

     We process scrap in the form of woven clips, yarn on bobbins, tangled filament, selvedges, braid and stitched panels.
     We can reprocess the following materials - Kevlar, Twaron, and Technora para-aramid, Nomex and Conex meta-aramid, PPS,
​​​​​​​     Preox, Zylon PBO, PBI and P84.

​​​​​​​     We have secure recycling solutions for demilitarisation and destruction of ballistic vests and supply Certificates of Destruction.
​​​​​​​     We are Environment Agency registered for recycling and remanufacture and we supply Duty of Care waste certificates.

     We sell redundant yarn and aramid fabrics.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Please contact us for more details.​​​​​​​